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Thanks John Lawless for the great write-up in Bluegrass Today! 

Bluegrass Today Article

We were honored to have John Lawless, of Bluegrass Today,  write this piece on our 2nd single, Jack The  Tobacco Farmer.  

Click on logo to read article..
Click on logo to read article..

Bluegrass Today article on Hell, Fire and Brimstone

"Introducing 40 Horse Mule"

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One of the main goals of 40 Horse Mule is to record, and make available, songs with enough substance, and/or relatability, that most everyone who is a Country, Americana or Bluegrass music fan will find something to enjoy. If you like our music, remember to tell your friends. If, for some reason,  you don't like it, then we'd appreciate it if you just kept that to yourself!!  LOL...

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