40 Horse Mule Demo


Need a demo ?

If you like the 40 Horse Mule sound, and have a song that needs demoed, 

maybe we can help! Please contact us at 40horsemule@comcast.net

Our basic song package

We will demo your song basically just like we record our own. We normally use

acoustic guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, electric bass, lead and harmony vocals. ( Keep our sound in mind when considering your song. )

Costs and Options

For one song, recorded in the 40 Horse Mule style, the cost is $650.00.  For any additional instrument, such as Dobro, or to substitute an instrument, cost will be $50.00 extra, per instrument, per song. If you have an instrumental that needs no vocals, price is $550.00. Customer will receive a mastered wav file suitable for upload, and a 320kbps for streaming services. Also, a TV mix with harmony vocals, and a track only mix.